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Cindy Schallmo//Lead Counselor


We at Summit Counseling Ministries believe that everyone at some point in their lives should seek life and emotional counseling.

A wise man has many counselors.

People today seek many forms of counseling such as legal, health and wellness, educational, and financial. However, people neglect seeking life and emotional counsel. With these areas in balance our lives become more successful.

At Summit we specialize in Marriage and Family Issues, Life Coaching, and Pre-Marital Counseling. Some of the areas we counsel in are: depression, anxiety, stress management, anger management, grief, teenage issues, marriage conflict and communication, Christian counseling, and budget and financial management.

All of our clients are welcomed in a nonthreatening atmosphere where they immediately feel at ease.

About Us

  • Established: 2005
  • Our office is located at
    21 Lincklaen St
    Cazenovia NY 13035
  • Languages Spoken: English

Associations & Accreditations

  • AACC
  • Christian Counselor
  • Years of experience
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Executive Life Coach

Products & Services

  • Life Coaching
  • Christian Counseling
  • Pre Marital Counseling (PREPARE/ENRICH)

Counseling Areas

Marriage and Family

This is just one of our specialty areas. We, at Summit Counseling Ministries, believe that every couple should have a Counselor, Mentor, or Life Coach whom they can confide in and work with.


Most men feel that they are supposed to be strong and fearless, but that does not mean that when they deal with the following issues, they are not and can never be strong.

Teen and Parenting

Is your teen dealing with depression, anxiety, or anger? As parents, we hope that we know what our teens are facing. Other times, there is no way to know.


At Summit Counseling Ministries, we focus on individualized attention for women’s concerns and life’s difficulties.

How to Choose a Christian Counselor

As is true of many fields, Christian counseling is a specialization. Pastor David Martin, guest columnist for CBN, states some general rules for finding the right Christian Counselor:

  • The Individual’s Needs – How severe is the problem? Is it life threatening? Is the individual motivated to get help?
  • The Community’s Resources – What resources are available in the community? Are there competent counselors and psychiatrists available? In addition are there community mental health services that are accessible to this person?

It is important to choose which type of counselor is best suited for your needs—a pastoral counselor, lay counselor, or licensed professional. Investigate what the Christian counselors you are considering believe and how that applies to the way they practice their counseling.

At Summit Counseling Ministries, we welcome your phone calls and questions and are here to help guide you. We encourage you to contact us at 315.491.8164 or use our contact form for fees and appointment schedules.

Summit Counseling Ministries

21 Lincklaen St. Cazenovia, NY 13035